{Finding God in the Ordinary}


Finding God in the Ordinary {Embracing a God-filled Life} will make you cry and laugh at the same time. It is a book filled with emotions that is sure to give you hope when you doubt, joy in times of sadness, faith in a faltering trust, and assurance of His love…. This is our story. Will you join me in Finding God in the Ordinary?

The idea of writing this book came after I started this blog “Pondered Thoughts” during the hardest time of my life. Times where my deep faith and trust in God have seen me through. It is a book filled with personal stories of struggles, trials and difficulties yet is a manifestation that Gods love is in all of it, that we are not alone. Do you find it hard to see God at your most trying times? Let my book be an inspiration for you to see God in the Ordinary. It is available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books a Million.

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