Riding Through Life

As I find my way through life, late as it may seem….it’s always the right timing. I may be lacking, I may be behind, but never regretting. I’m pretty sure, all are a blessing!


Nothing is ever too late.

I never learned how to bike. My brothers didn’t get their first bike until they were in high school. I tried learning. But then, I was told that biking can take away a girl’s virginity and you know how important that was back then? So I quit. That.. and my fear of getting scars on my legs from falling took the best of me as well.

Fast forward to today, I told my husband that I want an old style bike and that I am going to learn how to ride one. And I am serious.


Which got me to thinking. How much of our life have  we missed because of fear, not knowing any better, or perhaps for always playing it safe? But then again, I know of people who always jump on things, head first. They are not afraid, they think they know…

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