Living in an Abstract World

You know what separates people? It’s not our colors, our ethnicity or our standings in society. It is our desire to be over the other. It is our belief that kindness is always associated with being weak and wanting something in return. Blaming others for being hurt instead of admitting we were unkind.


I dream of a world where we won’t get our superiority from the uncertainty of others. Where we don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Where we co-exist and not just exist.

I always tell my husband and daughter that I was born in the wrong era. I am fascinated with everything old. I enjoy listening to music from the late 50’s to the late 70’s. I love how their dresses look. I love their way of living and the laid back simplicity of it.

I love how people are more connected. Genuine. Kindhearted. Physically present. Full of existence…

IMG_5551.JPEG I took this photo while on lunch break at work, in one of the oldest building at the university. I love how it illuminated the whole room. But then looking at the picture, how can the outside be so dark? Isn’t our life like that?

I always look at people as people. Colors…

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