As We See It


I’ve blogged several times how I love dandelions. And how most times, I see a wish instead of a weed. And it’s the truth.

But then, there is also the reality that…a weed will always be a weed, an evil – evil, and a bad thing will always be a bad thing. Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that it is what we see it.

weed2AmarkedSeeing the good about everything.

I always try to see the good about people, things, situations and everything that life has brought. I wish I have a good explanation as to why. Perhaps, it is easier to hide the truth than to confront the bad. And I don’t really know why I keep on writing, because…to be honest, I have only two followers and people…yes including the ones that I know, don’t even care what I do or write. In short, nobody reads…

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