{reasons to be had..}


gullible – easily deceived or cheated

Perhaps I am gullible…

You see, I am not a very talkative person. I am not the type who would just open up to anybody. It takes time for me to open up to someone, when I do…it is someone who I believed can be trusted….someone who I cared for.

Is thinking the good about people gullibility?

Aren’t people good in nature? Isn’t it easier to think this way?

You say naive…?

Perhaps I am naive…

Maybe it’s also called respect? Or love…? Perhaps trust…?

But what if these good people hurt you…? Took advantage of you…?

Would you blame yourself or the other person?

{reasons to be had…}

I always believe that things happen for a reason. I believe that we come to know someone for a reason…

And that someone…

be it a friend

a co-worker

a stranger

a teacher

that someone – crossed our paths….

so we can learn who we truly are

so that we may know our weaknesses and strengths

so that we can be the best of what we ought to be

when it’s time to let go….

but when feelings are hurt

trust is broken

respect is absent

love is unappreciated

time is not given

the relationship taken for granted….

{reasons to be had….}

we learn

we get better

we grow

we move on

and we let go…

{reasons to be had…}

Life is all about learning who we truly are. People will come and go in our life. It is up to us if we look at our experiences as mistakes, lessons or a blessing. What we do after, is entirely up to us….

All good things,