{when less is more}

Pondered Thoughts Proverbs6-20-22

A child who grew up knowing how it is to have nothing, they grew up appreciating everything…

As we passed by KFC, on our way home from town, I mentioned how having KFC was a treat when we were younger. Then, my husband mentioned how getting barbeque or a McDonalds cheeseburger was a treat for him back them days. Hearing my daughter say, that she thinks she is better off than most kids by not being a spoiled brat brought a smile to my lips. Yes, this is the kind of conversations we have as a family. Our daughter is aware of how our lives were as a kid. This awareness has helped her realize that she may not have everything that she  wanted, but still she is more fortunate than most kids of her age are, especially those living in a third world country.

We should teach our children the true meaning of having less and appreciating more…

Are we denying her a good life? Some might even say that we are not loving her enough by not lavishing her with all the material things and other luxuries that we as a parent should give our children. Can a good life be measured by how lavishly we live?

A life lived simply is a life full of possibilities…

A good life for us is having the ability to be able to eat out or go to the movie theater as a family once in a while. It means eating home cooked meals together and talking about how our day have been. It is watching movies together with a bag of popcorn. It is folding laundered clothes as a family. It is about making memories and going on trips together.

When is less, more?

My Family

I am the one sitting in Daddy’s lap.

Tomorrow, my Dad will be celebrating his 82nd birthday. As I look back into my childhood, I can’t help but be thankful for everything that we had. A life lived with so much less, yet is filled with so much more. All the things that no amount of money can buy. I know that my parents think that ours was a hard life. I know that they wished they could have given us more, not realizing that they gave us everything that we needed.

Grateful to the ones who give more than enough…

Daddy, as you celebrate your 82nd birthday, I want you to know..that you and Mang gave and showered us with everything. Void of material things but filled with so much love, care, support, understanding and lessons that helped us became the person that we are today. I want to thank you both so much for all that you are to all of us…Happy, happy birthday! I pray that the good Lord, will continue to bless you and Mang with good health, peace of mind, happiness, many more years of togetherness and all the wonderful blessings that you both rightfully deserve. We love you both so much!!!

Spoiling less is actually loving more…

PT Ecclesiastes7-14

Now, I am thankful for a daughter who can see beyond the material things. I am thankful for her heart who can feel the love in not having everything.

When less is more, it is a blessing… 

All good things,