simple gifts…..

Fifteen days until Christmas – the annual celebration of the Birth of Jesus! Remember, the Reason for the Season?

Memories of Christmas past….simple meal to enjoy with the family and checking the stockings or plain old socks (hanging by the window) on Christmas morning. This is how we celebrate Christmas when I was growing up in our quiet little town in the Philippines. And, no I didn’t forget to mention about checking the gifts under the Christmas Tree. It’s just that we don’t have a Christmas Tree, not that we don’t believe in it, just that we cannot afford it. We don’t expect or ask for gifts from Santa either. But you know what?, those were one of the best Christmas memories I had that I never failed to share with my daughter, that I will forever be grateful with (to my parents). Simple joys, simple gifts…

So, what makes my Christmas, a merry one? It is not the glitter and the golds nor those boxes under the tree. It is family near and far, a home to keep us warm, a modest meal to share with my family, seeing the joy in my daughter’s eyes, the gift of life and good health and the blessings of God’s grace.

Simple gifts….blessed and thankful I am.

So, what makes your Christmas a merry one?

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