We are but a puzzle

We are but a puzzle
That God created us to be
Each pieces fitted perfectly
Like it was meant to be
But then in our search
For fame and fortune
And oh those unnecessary things
We tried to fit those pieces
My friend this should not be.
Those pieces displaced the perfect puzzle
That God created us to be
Out the fitted pieces
And In the deceiving ones
For we forgot that God knit our inner most being
As He would His child.
We are here to serve His purpose
Aren’t we?
So my friend in times of trials
Or at times that you compare yourself to some
Always remember that
We are but a puzzle
And a perfect one at that
Each pieces fitted perfectly
Just the way God created us to be.

All good things,

(c)Charina Brooks -Please do not use this poem without permission-

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8 thoughts on “We are but a puzzle

  1. So many times I’ve thought of life as a puzzle. We don’t know how the pieces go together. We don’t know how our lives intersect with others’. But God knows the big picture. He knows how all of the pieces fit together, and when they should be assembled. Blessings to you!

  2. Oh my your poem is perfect. I always wanted to be a nicely put together puzzle – always. But I told my husband a few years ago “I long to be a perfectly completed 1000 piece puzzle, but I’m more of a mosaic — jagged chipped edges and all. My life’s pieces don’t fit together nice and neat. However, God has used each piece to make something beautiful and positively me as He is the mortar that holds my life together.” He wanted to know where I got that quote from. I said, “silly, that’s from me – that’s how I feel!” So now I’m a perfect mosaic in HIM! Love this girl.

    • Good to hear from you Alene! My life isn’t always nice, good, easy and neat either. But those edges and curves are the ones that made it perfect, for if not for those edges and curves (bumps in life) I won’t be who I am now. Yes, my friend those edges straight, crooked, jagged or curves so deep are all well thought of, for His perfect plan. Blessings to you friend!

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